Creation & Diffusion of Popular Education Projects

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See you in Diaspora* !!!

Friends from the Freee Web Community, let’s meet on our Diaspora* Page !

Wave is now 2.0 !
After a year of functioning and a period of inactivity while our team worked hard on our documentary project, here is our new version of Wave TravelArt’s website...More

Back from South America !
After a year of interviews of non profit organizations in 12 countries, Antoine Burgos is now working on…More


1-Network: Worldwide Art Volunteer Exchange

wave travelart social network

A Lesson for a Roof is the basic of our Social Network: complete your profile and meet people from around the world that can host you for one night or more in exchange of one lesson a day of your skill: language, yoga, writing, singing and much more ! Join us or Login here !

2-Meet the citizen’s initiatives from South America

project wave travelart citizen initiative south america

Across 12 countries in South America, discover the citizen’s initiatives, without government control, religious movements nor partisans plan. 100% free, 100% citizen, come and discover more than 70 non profits, foundations, NGOs, artistic and humanistic works that our team collected in one year of travel from Colombia to Guyana, passing by Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Guyane and Suriname !

3-Non-Violent RPG Boardgame

How can we teach to the next generations and ourselves how to behave without violence while playing violent games ? Role Play Games are recognized by famous psychologists as the ideal edutainment way to learn while emotionally feeling part of the action and evolving as the adventure keeps advancing and developing itself. But wait: THIS IS NOTE VIDEO GAME !

Documentary previews

dakaya paramaribo suriname wave travelart preview documentary

Here you can watch the first previews of our Documentary that we will start to publish regularly. Thank you for your patience, it shall come within a week !

About us

It’s in the early 2018 that was created Wave TravelArt as a non profit organization in Toulouse, France in order to set its Social Network up ! From then, we worked on two others projects: making a documentary about the inspiring citizen’s initiave from South America and a non violent role play game (board game). We are now working on the documentary’s post production and the “EduRPG” also. More about us


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