Back from South America !

After a year of interviews of non profit organizations in 12 countries, Antoine Burgos is now working on the next step of this adventure: the sacred POST PRODUCTION !

During these months, he met more than 96 non profits, NGOs and local foundations, but also informal citizens’ initiatives in order to educate, to help, to assist and support the local people to get through local issues of many kinds. He passed through all the countries of South America except Venezuela which is sadly passing through hard times: Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Guyane, Suriname and Guyana !

We’ll post very soon some videos from this incredible adventure in this blog, but also on facebook, insta and every social network that I listed below so stay updated by liking, sharing, commenting this post and following us on Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram !

Antoine B.

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Antoine Wave

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