About Us

about us wave travelart

In the early 2018…

Wave TravelArt was created as a non profit organization in Toulouse, France in order to set its Social Network up ! From then, we worked on two others projects: making a documentary about the inspiring citizen’s initiave from South America and a non violent Role Play Game (board game). We are now working on the documentary’s post production and the “EduRPG” also.

Creating educative and entertaining tools is very important for us because education is a basic of improving people’s mind, something that we need now more than always to face the big challenges to come within the years !

WAVE TravelArt is designed for the open-minded people who want to learn and share about mutual values of respect, solidarity and listening at one’s passions, while traveling, or either staying at home ! We are passionated in what we do and we always think about improving the WAVE Community.

Our team is composed by very passionate people and since we believe that WAVE is a great and secured way to promote peace, happiness and transmit cultural diversity all around the world, we’re opened to your ideas and help in order to develop and make the Community bigger and stronger !

wave travelart join team

Your skills are precious !

We are always looking for passionated people who love making the world a better place! We are recruiting volunteers in order to help us to translate the website, work together on the EduRPG, Filmmaking or making the whole world know how awesome WAVE is 😉

You can pick in the List below:

Filmmaking skills: We need competent people for the postproduction of the documentary !

Writing Skills for our Educative RPG !

Networking: Talk about us with your friends, on the internet and on your favorite Social Networks !

Help us Translating the website: From English into French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, German and so on !

Website Developpement: We need to keep the website functioning with backend support to keep every informations safe !

Boost our Tipeee: Any help is welcome to buy us a coffee and maintain our brains actives ! 😉

You want to know how you can help us and join our activities ?
Write us on our e-mail adress: